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We're sorry you've been overpaying for pink razors. Introduce your friends to the Club and get some money back!

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“We like being women...We just don’t like being charged for the privilege.”

How the Pink Tax Rebate © Works

Introduce your friends, family and associates to AngelShaveClub via email, or share your unique referral code on Facebook, Twitter or in as many places as you desire. When your friends click your unique link and sign up for a shave plan, you will get credits that can be redeemed for Shaving Supplies! Spread the word, nobody should ever have to pay retail prices to get an amazing shave!


Pays an Extra

Every year, just for being a women

it cost more to be a woman,




Pays an Extra

13% MORE
For everyday personal care items than men*

*Based on the 1994 study completed by the State of California, as cited in the more recent, 2015 study from the NY DCA: From Cradle To Cane: The Cost of Being a Female Consumer.