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Our Story

One day I was in the shower and went to reach for my razor. When I looked up, I realized that my husband and I have the same exact razors and I couldn’t tell which one was mine and which was his…That was it!!! That is when I decided that is time for women to have their own shave club, with razors in colors appealing to women and deliver them in a beautiful box.

We created Angel Shave Club because we believe that it’s time for women to take their power back and have their own shave club and never overpay for store-bought razors again! Angel Shave Club is the first boutique shave club designed and geared specifically towards women. Women will no longer be an afterthought of man’s shave clubs. Our goal is to give women everywhere a luxurious shave, at a price they can afford. In the process of creating Angel Shave Club, our main focus was on three main things –

  1. Quality
  2. Convenience
  3. Appeal to the female audience.

The quality of our blades comes from a combination of high quality U.S. steel, Aloe Vera and vitamin E moisturizing strips, and a flexible head for the smoothest shave of your life. Our fully customizable monthly plans allow you to choose the number of blades, the color of your handle and how often do you want them delivered.

Angel Shave Club Box