San Diego, CA, March 22 — Angel Shave Club, the revolutionary new boutique shave club for women has launched to immediate success with over 1500 members joining in the first 20 days.  In a market with several big names already in the razor monthly subscription game including Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s, Angel Shave Club is the first one founded and tailored exclusively towards women.

“One day while in the shower I reached for my razor and instead grabbed my husbands by mistake. It’s hard to tell the difference these days between men and women’s razors and it was then I decided to create a women oriented brand” says founder Iskra Tsenkova on the moment that led her to creating Angel Shave Club.

Boutique Shave Club - Angel Shave ClubAngel Shave Club provides a monthly subscription for women’s razors with the goal of proving a luxurious shaving experience for women everywhere at delightfully low prices. Their blades are made with high quality U.S. steel, mounted on a flexible head, and paired with Vitamin E and Aloe strips to prevent irritation. Their three and five blade razors are engineered and manufactured to preserve the soft, silky feel of feminine skin, protecting against razor burn and deep cuts that are common with store bought razors.

Angel Shave Club is a company made for women by women. Everything about the experience has been tailor made for women, from the specifically engineered blades, to the branding, design, and communications.

“We created Angel Shave Club because we believe that it’s time for women to take their power back and have their own shave club and never overpay for store-bought razors again,” added founder Iskra Tsenkova.

The company is also dedicated to making the world beautiful inside and out. Angel Shave Club has pledged to donate a portion of all profits to the Malala Fund, which is an organization dedicated to helping girls in under privileged countries get the educations they deserve.

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