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Your Daily Shaving Routine Can Save a Life, with the
Gift of education!

When we started this venture, we knew that we wanted to beautify the world inside and out. As a business made for women by women, we at AngelShaveClub understand the importance of gender equality in education. This is why our mission is geared towards those girls and women around the world that are denied the gift of education. With every purchase of a subscription on AngelShaveClub, you are helping a girl in a low-to-middle class country get 12 years of education. We’ve partnered with the Malala Fund and a portion of our sales goes to their cause.

Studies have shown that education is one of the best investments to make for children who live in poverty. Educating girls,
specifically, creates ripples of change for generation to come.

Source – World Bank, United Nations Foundation, UNICEF, Women Deliver, World Education, Nike Foundation, Council on Foreign Relations and Global Partnership for Education

Over 60 million girls are missing out on education because they have to work, are married early, lack access to school facilities, or have to care for younger siblings, denying them their fundamental right to education.

The Malala Fund is working for 12 years of education for every girl. We partner with organizations that are led by local leaders and focused on improving girls’ access to safe, quality, and relevant education.